Mayor Liz Campbell

From the Mayor's desk
Week commencing 12 February 2018Mayor Liz Campbell

Welcoming Council’s new Executive

Last week was an eventful one for Kempsey Shire Council when we welcomed our new General Manager, Craig Milburn, and members of his Executive Leadership Team, Director Corporate, Stephen Mitchell, and Interim Director Operations, Steven Beasley.

I had the great pleasure of joining Craig and his team on Wednesday when they met with and addressed staff at an organisation-wide gathering at Verge Street Oval. Like many, I was impressed with Craig’s passion for building better communities and working to inspire our staff to be the best they can be.

I’m confident this new team, along with the Director Operations yet to be appointed, will continue to build on the work we’ve achieved over recent years. They will deliver the vision of making Council a more community-focused organisation that provides excellent service delivery and value for money.

By strengthening our relationships with the community and continuing with initiatives, such as the Community Catch-ups program and customer service process improvements, we can achieve a greater level of satisfaction and achievement, both for staff and the community.

Some time ago Councillors - in their capacity as the governing body - agreed there was a need to undertake significant change within the organisation. The focus of this change was in relation to the organisational culture and our vision for reshaping the Macleay. This process has been underway over the past 12 months and has been at times challenging but necessary. With the commencement of Craig and Stephen to their critical roles in leading the organisation through this time of change, Council staff and our community now have greater certainty and direction for the path ahead.

The Macleay Valley has the opportunity to fully realise its potential to be a growing and thriving community - a place people are keen to invest in, work in, and are proud to call home. For this to happen we need everyone to get on board and work together - as an elected group of Councillors, Council staff and our community. If we work collectively, we can achieve great things for the people of the Macleay Valley.

Craig Milburn and Stephen MitchellCouncil’s new General Manager, Craig Milburn, and new Director Corporate, Stephen Mitchell